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January 27th, in Flash Fiction

Where the Sun Sets

By: Laura Bennette

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 48 seconds. Contains 363 words

In the hushed serenity of the evening, I found myself standing at the water's edge, watching the sun bid adieu to the day. The sky transformed into a canvas of warm hues--amber, rose, and gold--as the sun dipped gracefully below the horizon. It was a celestial performance, a poignant display of beauty that mirrored the kaleidoscope of emotions swirling within me.

The river flowed gently, whispering secrets of time and memories. As the sun's glow diminished, I felt the embrace of fading warmth, and my heart echoed with the melancholy of a day slipping away. In the quiet twilight, I stood alone, a silhouette against the canvas of the sky, my thoughts woven into the tapestry of the setting sun.

In the softening light, my mind retraced the footsteps of days gone by, where laughter and innocence painted the landscape of my memories. I remembered the days when small hands reached for mine, and a voice, as tender as a lullaby, called me "Mommy." Now, that voice seemed like a distant melody, fading with the daylight.

The shadows deepened, and I felt an ache--a profound sense of loss that lingered in the air. The river mirrored the emotions coursing through me, its waters reflecting the changing hues of the sky. I whispered words to the breeze, sharing my love, reminiscing about moments stitched into the fabric of time, and expressing a connection that transcended the visible realm.

As the sun's sliver kissed the edge of the horizon, I acknowledged the empty space left by the departure of my beloved daughter. The stars emerged, sprinkling the night sky like sequins on velvet. In the stillness, I spoke to her, my words carried by the wind. The sunset had painted the sky with the palette of my emotions, and the river continued its eternal journey--a silent companion in the symphony of life.

Amidst the dimming light, I found solace in the beauty of the setting sun, embracing the memories that lingered in my heart. The night enveloped me, a blanket of stars and memories, and I stood there, a woman touched by the transient nature of time, finding strength in the enduring love that would forever reside in my soul.

Laura Bennette

About the Author:

Laura Bennett is a passionate college student at Delaware Valley University (Del Val), where she is dedicated to pursuing her academic and personal goals. Majoring in English, Laura brings a vibrant energy to campus, balancing her commitment to education with an active involvement in campus life.