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Welcome to tellitintype, an exceptional literary sanctuary. Immerse yourself in a world of captivating narratives as we proudly present a diverse collection of flash fiction, short fiction, and evocative poetry. At tellitintype, we are more than just a magazine; we are a supportive haven for writers, fostering creativity and providing a platform for voices to be heard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Explore the answers to common questions about TellitinType. If you have additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to us for more information.

A: Tellitintype is an online literary magazine that celebrates the artistry of the written word. We provide a platform for both unpublished and published writers, showcasing diverse voices through short fiction, long fiction, and poetry. What sets us apart is our commitment to fostering a community of literary talent and our focus on creating an engaging space for readers to explore a wide range of genres.

A: We welcome submissions in the categories of short fiction, long fiction, and poetry. Writers can submit their work by emailing it to submission@tellitintype.com. Please include the category and your full name in the subject line. Check our submission guidelines for more details.

A: Our editorial team carefully reviews each submission to ensure it aligns with our mission. Featured works are selected based on their creativity, originality, and ability to captivate our readers. We showcase a range of selections throughout the year, highlighting outstanding talent in short fiction, long fiction, and poetry.

A: Our team strives to respond to submissions within four weeks. If you haven't received a response after this period, feel free to inquire about the status of your submission by reaching out to submissions@tellitintype.com.

A: Absolutely! We welcome submissions from writers around the world. We believe in showcasing diverse voices and perspectives, making Tellitintype a global platform for literary talent.

A: Yes! We encourage writers to engage with our community. Whether it's through participating in discussions on our platform, attending virtual events, or exploring collaborative projects, there are various ways for writers to be actively involved with Tellitintype.

A: Our future goals include expanding community engagement, reaching a wider international audience, exploring digital innovations, and fostering collaborations within the literary community. We are also committed to providing educational initiatives and supporting emerging writers.

A: To stay informed about the latest submissions, featured works, and news from Tellitintype, readers can follow us on our social media platforms, subscribe to our newsletter, or regularly check our website for updates.

A: Absolutely! For each submission period, writers can submit an unlimited number of works, with a limit of one per category (short fiction, long fiction, or poetry).

A: Currently, we do not offer monetary compensation for published works. However, contributors receive exposure on our platform and the opportunity to connect with our growing literary community.

A: We accept simultaneous submissions. If your work is accepted elsewhere, kindly inform us promptly. Transparency and communication during the submission process are greatly appreciated.

A: Tellitintype values a diverse range of themes and genres. We welcome submissions that challenge conventions, explore unique perspectives, and showcase creativity. There are no strict limitations; we encourage writers to share their authentic voices.

A: Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming events and contests! We periodically organize events to engage with our community and may host contests to celebrate the creativity of our contributors.

A: Writers can connect with fellow contributors by participating in our online discussions, joining writing groups associated with Tellitintype, and attending virtual events. We encourage a supportive community where writers can share insights and experiences.