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January 29th, in Flash Fiction

Lily's Mary

By: Kelly-Ann Lawrence

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 25 seconds. Contains 484 words

In a small town where whispers of secrets floated like dandelion seeds in the wind, lived a little girl named Lily. On her sixth birthday, wrapped in hues of pink and adorned with a satin bow, was a gift that would change her world--a doll named Mary. Unbeknownst to Lily, Mary was about to become more than just a playmate.

In the dim glow of her bedroom, Lily cradled Mary in her arms, her innocent eyes reflecting the shimmering excitement of a child's imagination. As the night embraced the room, Lily whispered her deepest thoughts to Mary, weaving tales only a child's mind could fathom.

To Lily's amazement, Mary's porcelain eyes blinked. A secret keeper, Mary began to share stories of a world beyond the walls of the cozy houseā€”a world where Lily's father danced with shadows. Innocence collided with harsh realities, as Mary whispered tales of infidelity and betrayal.

Confused and unable to comprehend the weight of these secrets, Lily decided to share them with her mother. With eyes wide, she approached her mother the next morning, her tiny voice trembling with a mixture of fear and conviction.

"Mommy, Mary told me secrets," Lily said, her words delicate like fragile petals.

Her mother, caught off guard, furrowed her brow. "Secrets, sweetheart? What do you mean?"

Lily recounted Mary's whispers, the delicate fabric of her words draped over the room like a heavy fog. Anger flashed across her mother's face, disbelief etched in every line. Accusations hung in the air like unspoken thunderclouds.

"You're making up stories, Lily! Don't lie about your father," her mother scolded, the harshness of her words clashing with the tenderness of the moment.

Undeterred, Lily's mother, torn between doubt and intuition, decided to follow the fragments of truth hidden in her daughter's innocent revelations. One evening, shrouded by the dim light of dusk, she discreetly trailed her husband.

Her footsteps echoed in the silence of the night as she peered through the misted windows of a local restaurant, The Rose Bud. There, amidst the flickering candlelight, she saw her husband sharing laughter and whispers with another woman. Reality shattered the illusion of a perfect life, and the pieces fell around her like shards of broken glass.

Returning home, her mother confronted Lily once again, her tone softer, her eyes haunted. "What else did Mary say, sweetheart?"

The floodgates of innocence opened, and Lily's tales flowed like a river of revelations. Among them, a story of hidden money beneath the floorboards, a silent testimony to her father's deceit. Anger and betrayal fueled the mother's determination to break free from the chains of deception.

In the quiet hours of the night, the mother gathered her daughter, the doll, and the newfound strength to leave behind the life that had crumbled like a sandcastle touched by the tide. They ventured into the unknown, leaving behind whispers, secrets, and the echoes of a shattered trust, never to return to the shadows of that life again.

Kelly-Ann Lawrence

About the Author:

Kelly-Ann is a high school student who has a passion for storytelling and creative writing. She loves playing with her parrot named Swalk and taking walks in her neighborhood with her dad and their dog Mercer. She lives in Michigan.