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February 3rd, in Poetry

The Lonely Bird

By: Jennie Sorenson

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 17 seconds. Contains 458 words

In the vast expanse where the sky meets the earth,
A lonely bird, its wings bereft of mirth.
Solitude its companion, in the azure vast,
A feathered soul, an outcast from the mast.

Feathers of gray, a cloak of silent sorrow,
Echoes of song, once a bright tomorrow.
Alone it soars, on the canvas of the blue,
Seeking solace in the winds that through it blew.

A melody of longing, a tune of despair,
Whispers of the wind, the lonesome air.
Perched on branches, a lone silhouette,
Echoes of a symphony the bird can't forget.

With each flutter, a dance of solitude,
Silent echoes in the quiet interlude.
In the tapestry of clouds, it seeks a friend,
A kindred spirit, a companion to mend.

Yet, the lonely bird finds solace in flight,
Soaring through the day and into the night.
Amidst the stars, a celestial spree,
A lonely bird, boundless and free.

Through the vast expanse, it continues to roam,
In search of a haven, a place called home.
The lonely bird, a poet of the open sky,
Whispers its tales to the clouds drifting by.

In the quiet moments, when the moon is near,
The lonely bird finds solace, free from fear.
For in its solitude, a strength is found,
A lonely bird, with dreams unbound.

Jennie Sorenson

About the Author:

Jennie loves to read and write and has a passion for writing poetry. Her high school activities include track and field, and writing for her poetry club. She loves pizza and sushi and hates being cold (she always wears socks). Find her on Discord and say hi!