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January 28th, in Poetry

The Things We Take

By: Caitlyn Strongin

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 16 seconds. Contains 254 words

In shadows cast by setting suns,
A tale unfolds, a secret spun.
A woman of whimsy, a transient soul,
With fingers nimble, she takes her toll.

At yard sales, where memories are sold,
She weaves through treasures, stories untold.
Collecting fragments of lives laid bare,
In the quiet corners, she finds her lair.

One lonely man, with heart adrift,
No kin, no ties, his spirits lift.
He sees her there, a fleeting thief,
In her eyes, he senses grief.

Approaching her, a gentle plea,
"Take not what's not meant to be.
In place of theft, a gift I give,
And in return, a life to relive."

He opens doors to rooms unexplored,
A symphony of memories, richly stored.
For each trinket bestowed with care,
She must share a piece of what she dares.

With each exchange, a bond takes flight,
As stories dance in the soft twilight.
Her secrets spill like whispered rain,
A growing trust, a silent refrain.

Days turn to weeks, and weeks to years,
Their connection deepens, allaying fears.
He becomes the anchor in her storm,
A confidante in her life's reform.

Yet, time, relentless, takes its toll,
The old man's heart, no longer whole.
He breathes his last, a final sigh,
Leaving her to ponder, wonder why.

In silence, she moves to claim his space,
A new chapter, a stolen embrace.
A widow forged in shadows grey,
A life rewritten, day by day.

She tends to relics, echoes of the past,
A legacy woven, built to last.
In the stillness, she wears his name,
A stolen widow, playing life's game.

Yet, amid the stolen tales and borrowed time,
She finds a truth, pure and sublime.
In the old man's heart, she found her own,
A place to call home, a love silently sown.

Caitlyn Strongin

About the Author:

Caitllyn is a Creative Writing and English teacher at a community college in Colorado. When she's not teaching, she enjoys hiking, doing outdoorsy things, and spending time with her fiancé, Michael and their new puppy Fitzgerald.