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Petr has recieved an Honerable Mention as part of tellitintype's "Into the Unknown" writing competition!

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April 20th, in Poetry


By: Petr Sukharev

Estimated reading time: 0 minutes, 38 seconds. Contains 127 words

Beyond the limits of consciousness, along its very edge,
Thoughts slither down like a saccharine serpent...
Beyond the rough-hewn dreams, in recesses of love,
The snowflakes whirl and dance their way into the collars...
Within each monster, a mist of tears fades from view,
Fear masked as pain's self-deceit -
A trap of naive illusions.
The winds of hope, the fires of fear,
They're not alone... somewhere close, traces
Of snowdrops, echoes of eternity's rugged play.
Words unravel in the hollow of silence...
Once startled, a foreboding dusk descends...
Closing eyes, miles away, a yearning unfolds...
A mundane day in verse immortalized...
Dusty snow and a chill in the chest...
After dawn there’s a sunset - a passage through.
The snow-white expanse seals the circle,
Shades of a flame strike one’s face.
A quest eternal - the query of essence,
Sugary lines - a humble plea...

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Petr Sukharev

About the Author:

Petr Sukharev is a truck driver who is passionate about the art of poetry. When he's not crafting deeply moving and poetic lines, he enjoyes spending time with his loved ones.